Traveler Portrait Series

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Portrait of European Travellers™

This in-depth study, planned for 4th quarter 2022, is designed to reveal how travellers in leading European travel markets think about travel opportunities for the years ahead. It will profile active leisure travellers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and its respondents will be nationally representative of the nations in which they reside.

  • Current travel climate
  • The impact of COVID-19 on travel behaviours and priorities
  • Destination and travel brand rank-order interest
  • Travel intentions and motivations
  • Vacation habits (type, frequency, duration, etc.)
  • Planned activities and attractions in destination
  • Vacation booking preferences
  • Tourism overcrowding and environmental sustainability
  • Lodging trends and short-term rental insights
  • Technology, mobility, influencers and preferences
  • Travel personas, attitudes and decision drivers
  • Information sources for travel planning
  • Barriers to travel
  • Media and social media habits
  • Lifestyles and social values
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Demographics

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interracial couple traveling in Europe
White couple traveling in Europe

Portrait Of American International Travelers™

MMGY Global, in conjunction with USTOA, presents a comprehensive national survey asking questions of targeted American travelers about outbound travel from the U.S. to international destinations.

This report profiles American travelers with an annual household income of over US$100,000 who have a passport and have traveled outside of North America in the past two years. The survey unveils the underlying motivations and, most importantly, future intentions that influence travel behavior. The results will provide you with actionable insights into the travel habits of American international travelers, allowing you to enhance future marketing and brand communication strategies.

USTOA and MMGY Travel Intelligence will develop a Destination Prospect Profile to meet your research needs. This analysis is a useful tool to develop or refine your marketing and communications strategy and your target traveler segment. It also enables you to target specific groups of travelers without conducting your own primary research.

What You Will Receive with the Destination Prospect Profile:

*Provided there are enough respondents for your destination

  • Two client profiles
  • Demographic, psychographic and geographic profiles
  • Past travel history and travel intentions for the years ahead
  • Vacation spending habits
  • Competitive destination preference
  • Media usage
  • Social media usage
  • Lifestyles and social values
  • Influence of government advisories
  • Trip planning steps
  • Types of travel preferences
  • Use of distribution channels

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Portrait of European Meeting and Convention Travel

European destinations and tourism industry stakeholders have a tremendous opportunity to lead their community recovery based on when and how the meetings industry will bounce back from COVID-19. Current studies in the market look at basic meeting planner sentiment, but it is crucial to also understand the mindsets of attendees and corporate decision-makers. Leaders need to make important decisions regarding capital investments, marketing budgets, and overall growth and development strategies. It is also essential to gain a clear and timely understanding of what meetings and conventions look like in the future to guide these decisions.

MMGY Travel Intelligence recently completed the first wave of the Meetings and Conventions study in the U.S., which revealed profound differences about perceptions and behaviours among planners and attendees. Based on the success and popularity of the U.S. research, a European-based Meeting and Convention study is next.

In cooperation with IMEX Group and MMGY Hills Balfour, a division of MMGY Global, MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe will design and field a tracking survey twice to understand the mindsets, intentions and preferences of meeting, conference and convention attendees. In order to compare their perspectives with the ones of those responsible for industry planning efforts, MMGY Travel Intelligence will also survey meetings professionals to gauge their views. Meeting attendees ultimately drive the future direction of the M&C industry. Having an informed perspective on what this audience thinks and comparing it to the current perspectives of meetings professionals will provide sponsors with substantial insight into the landscape likely to emerge in the coming months and years. The survey will be fielded to attendees in the U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands. The survey will be fielded to planners throughout Europe and the U.K.

For sponsorship inquiries and to explore the opportunity further, please contact Cees Bosselaar, Managing Director / MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe below.