DK Shifflet Travel Performance Data

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DK Shifflet

Introduced in 1982, the DK Shifflet suite of products and services is the unparalleled leader in U.S. consumer travel performance data and analytics. DK Shifflet specializes in syndicated travel performance data for the travel and tourism industry. We provide the industry’s most complete travel data on U.S. residents and their travel behaviors worldwide. DK Shifflet’s Travel Intelligence System adds detailed travel data for over 60,000 traveling households to our database annually, providing the unique ability to identify trends and forecast U.S. travel behavior.

The SHIFFLET TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/Monitor estimates travel volume and profiles travelers on where they go, why they go, where they stay, the activities they engage in, how much money they spend and more. Brand performance is benchmarked for all major accommodation types, airlines, rental car companies and other travel-related segments.

Shifflet Visitor Volume & Spending Reports


The TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/Monitor is DK Shifflet’s most comprehensive study and forms the basis for much of the research we conduct for our clients. DK Shifflet currently contacts an average of 50,000 individual U.S. households monthly – the largest continuous consumer travel database in the industry. Because we have been conducting this ongoing study in its present form since late 1991, DK Shifflet is able to provide long-term trended analysis (i.e., year-to-year changes) on almost all measures.

From DK Shifflet’s TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/Monitor

  • Annual, quarterly and seasonal forecasts
  • Get volume and spending forecasted one to five years out
  • We will include your destination-specific information in our forecast model

A Visitor Volume Report can help you: 

  • Plan for market changes in your destination
  • Manage expectations of stakeholders
  • Make timely budget and marketing decisions

Receive specific information for:

  • Your destination (all states and most cities, as well as other client-defined geographies)
  • Three different metrics (Stays, Person-Stays, Expenditures)
  • Nine standard segments (Total, Business, Leisure, Overnight, Day, Overnight Business, Day Business, Overnight Leisure, Day Leisure)
  • Direct spending by category (input for economic impact analysis)
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Shifflet Visitor Profile Report

A Visitor Profile can help you:

  • Understand who to target by understanding your visitors and their behaviors
  • Trend visitor behavior on an annual, fiscal or seasonal basis
  • Focus on specific visitor segments (e.g., Business, Leisure, Big Spenders, Cultural Travelers, etc.)
  • Determine how your visitors differ from your competition

Some questions a Visitor Profile answers:

  • Who are your visitors (age, income, profession, etc.), and with whom do they travel?
  • Where do they come from, and what do they like to do?
  • Where do they stay, and how much do they spend?
  • What do they think of your destination, and will they return?


Powerful Data-Mining Tool Everyone Can Use:

TraveLab helps you find meaningful answers to your toughest business questions in just seconds. TraveLab provides convenient features for exploring your metrics.

TraveLab is cloud-based and works in real time. All you need is an internet connection and Microsoft Excel.

Delivering the Perfect Message: By combining data-driven decision-making with TraveLabanalysis, clients have transformed their marketing message, enabling the company to concentrate its resources where they have the greatest impact and reach the most visitors.

Free Technical Support: Resolve technical issues efficiently through regular product updates and patches. Access one-on-one phone and email support delivered by specialists skilled in statistics, quality control and computer systems.

Personalized Services: Attend on-site or virtual instructor-led training to get you started. Engage with your designated account manager to optimize your business processes.

Cost-Effective E-Learning: The ideal complement to our training, shortly you will be able to view video tutorials to assist in using TraveLab and analyzing your data.

  • Deep visitor and destination data understanding has never been easier
  • Avoid costly training expenses
  • Loads as an add-on program that becomes available when you install Microsoft Excel
  • No limit to the size, complexity or number of your data queries
  • Compact data format means that queries run in seconds
  • Select any number of variables for your row and column axes
  • Define custom territories
  • Create user-defined nets of values within variables
  • Apply single or multiple filters by travel segments
  • Row, column, total, subset percentage (sample base)
  • Calculate means
  • Check unweighted sample counts
  • Query results are presented within a spreadsheet view
  • Text formatting and other common spreadsheet functions such as shading, sorting and hiding columns
  • Save queries in an Excel workbook
  • Multiple users per license
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