Custom Research

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Custom Research

MMGY Travel Intelligence conducts custom research in numerous travel categories, including lodging, destinations, transportation, gaming, cruise lines, car rentals, vacation ownership and attractions. We also have significant experience in categories such as resort real estate, meetings and conventions, tour and travel trade, and all-inclusive resorts.

In addition to conducting research among leisure travellers, we are a leader in developing business travel insights. We also conduct work with industry insiders, from travel agents and meeting planners to destination board members and corporate partners. These insights guide critical marketing decisions such as channel mix, promotional strategies and product development.

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  • Traditional and online focus groups
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Group think tanks
  • Online and intercept surveys
  • Brand awareness and marketing effectiveness studies
  • Guest satisfaction research
  • Membership and subscriber analysis
  • Key driver analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Perceptual mapping and positioning analysis
  • Segmentation and target traveler identification
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Secondary marketing research

Community Perspectives™

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, destination organisations around the world are starting to reach out to their local residents to understand their perspectives on tourism. Are residents concerned about inviting others to visit at a time when health and safety are of paramount importance? Do residents increasingly recognise how valuable tourism is to their local economy? Now is a good time to establish a baseline metric from which destinations can track resident sentiment over time moving forward.

MMGY Travel Intelligence has developed an approach for conducting resident sentiment surveys that we can deploy within a week once approved. Read below to learn more.

The MMGY Travel Intelligence Community Perspectives™ study is designed to assess the sentiment of a destination’s local residents and, more specifically, garner their opinions of the impact tourism has on their community. The core survey probes areas that may impact tourism such as:

  • Tourism’s impact on destination infrastructure
  • Tourism’s impact on local/regional economic growth
  • Tourism’s impact on the local ecology/environment
  • Tourism’s impact on city land use decisions
  • Tourism’s impact on local traffic, parking and mobility
  • Tourism’s impact on community ambiance/vibe
  • Residents’ attitudes toward tourists
  • Residents’ perceptions (positive/negative) of the local tourism industry
  • The extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted perceptions of tourism
  • The extent to which the tourism industry is seen as important to COVID-19 recovery

If you are interested in more details about custom survey questions or are interested in purchasing a Community Perspectives™ study for your destination organisation, contact us for more information below. 

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