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MMGY Travel Intelligence is one of the world’s most trusted research, data and performance analytics specialists in the travel and tourism industry.
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DK Shifflet Travel Performance Data

Dating back to 1982, the DK Shifflet TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/Monitor℠ database is the gold standard for U.S. consumer travel performance data and analytics. DK Shifflet data is the most comprehensive source of traveler survey data anywhere in the world, and it provides a treasure trove of data and insights to help marketers answer questions such as:

  • Where and when do Americans travel?
  • For what purposes do they travel?
  • What activities do travelers engage in when traveling?
  • How are travel trends changing over time?
  • What do travelers spend on various aspects of travel?
  • To what extent are travelers satisfied with travel destinations and brands?

DK Shifflet’s Travel Intelligence System℠ adds detailed travel survey data from over-detailed travel data for over 60,000 traveling households to our survey response database annually, providing the unique ability to identify trends and forecast U.S. travel behavior. In addition to the above, travel brand performance is benchmarked for all major accommodation types, airlines, rental car companies and other travel-related segments. This data serves as the foundation for audience segmentation analyses and provides key baseline data for economic impact models throughout the United States. 


Portrait Series

For more than 30 years, travel industry marketers have eagerly awaited the annual release of MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers® study. With each release, we reveal the traveler mindset, motivations, and aspirations of travelers across the U.S. Beginning in 2021, MMGY is now releasing its Portrait of American Travelers® study on a quarterly basis to meet the evolving needs of marketers. Each edition helps travel industry marketers track the latest industry trends, and its data is used to inform important decisions such as audience segmentation, brand strategy, and both media and messaging priorities.

In addition, MMGY Travel Intelligence regularly releases new studies in its Portrait series that explore relevant travel industry segments, such as its 2021 A Portrait of Meeting & Convention Travel™. Most importantly, we have an unmatched ability to slice and dice our extensive database of survey results to profile the preferences, priorities and behaviors of almost any unique audience of interest for travel industry professionals. To find out how your travel brand or destination can benefit click the button below.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Research

In both the leisure and group markets, it is vital for travel industry executives to better understand the needs, behaviors and concerns of underrepresented traveler communities. Not only is this an essential aspect of a company’s approach to diversity and understanding, but it is also a substantial business opportunity to create products, experiences, services and marketing communications that connect with the needs of diverse markets. By understanding, we can all do better and be more accurate in our work.

MMGY Travel Intelligence has been working to build its library of studies seeking to better identify key issues for diverse transient and group travel markets. Our goal is to help form strategies and solutions that connect with these communities while recognizing their unique qualities and significant economic power. Find out more below to learn more about our growing list of thought-provoking research studies designed in collaboration with top multicultural thought leaders from around the country.


Travel Segment Research

MMGY Travel Intelligence continues to invest in research topics that are most relevant and important to travel industry professionals. In recent years, we’ve released groundbreaking studies exploring, for example, the business events industry, including the differing perspectives of meeting professionals and prospective attendees on what the future holds. In addition, we authored an in-depth analysis of the emerging cannabis tourism industry, identifying the breadth and depth of unique travel experiences that are likely to be increasingly available as cannabis is legalized across the United States. This valuable data is available both to study sponsors and as reports that are available for purchase. Find out more below.

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Custom Research

MMGY Travel Intelligence regularly designs and fields custom research, including focus groups, surveys and market analyses, in numerous travel categories, including lodging, destinations, transportation, gaming, cruise lines, car rentals, vacation ownership and attractions. We also have significant experience in categories such as resort real estate, meetings and conventions, tour and travel trade, and all-inclusive resorts. Find out more below about our custom research capabilities.

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Audience Modeling & Segmentation

MMGY has developed the travel industry’s most sophisticated audience modeling and segmentation solution, a product we call Terminal. MMGY’s Terminal engine powers the efficient identification, targeting and conversion of a client’s best prospects into profitable customers. This solution is built to effectively consolidate, enrich and organize data from first-, second- and third-party sources into actionable and addressable audience segments. MMGY can also assist clients with campaign planning and execution to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Find out more below.