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MMGY Travel Intelligence Launches the 2019–2020 Portrait of American Travelers Study

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This week we released the findings of its 2019–2020 Portrait of American Travelers® survey – the 29th annual edition of the acclaimed study. The results paint a picture of rapidly changing priorities amongst travelers, driven by growing concerns over safety, the quick adoption of the new sharing economy and a more conscientious approach to travel. The world is changing quickly and, as a result, how and why Americans travel is too.

While priorities are being reassessed, travelers intend to spend about the same on travel in 2019 ($5,025) as they report having spent in 2018 ($5,038). And while they plan to take slightly fewer vacations (3.2 in 2019 vs. 3.5 in 2018), travelers anticipate spending 17% more than they did at this same point in 2018. This is in part a reflection of a shift in the age of those who are most likely to travel in the coming year.

While there may be some economic clouds on the horizon that could slow down travel spend, we see signs of cautious optimism among travelers in the near term – but not from the generations from whom we have seen historic growth in the past,” said Chris Davidson, EVP, MMGY Travel Intelligence. “Instead of a younger audience, it’s Gen X and Boomer travelers who are driving this optimism when it comes to anticipated spending in the next 12 months.

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