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Government Shutdown Impacts Travel

woman of color on bridge in the woods holding a map

The government shutdown is having a substantial impact on leisure travel and will likely continue to do so. Sixteen percent of U.S. travelers have already canceled a vacation because of concerns about the shutdown.

Among those who still plan to vacation during the next six months, 55 percent indicate that they will do so without hesitation, while 32 percent are planning to move forward but are monitoring the situation.

However, 14 percent are unsure or considering canceling their vacation plans because of the shutdown.

The leading concerns among travelers considering canceling their vacations because of the shutdown are park and monument closings, delay in receipt of their tax refund, and safety.

While 37 percent of U.S. travelers consider themselves democrats and 31 percent republicans, 32 percent consider themselves to be independent or have another party affiliation. More republicans (64 percent) than democrats (45 percent) are planning to take their upcoming vacation with no hesitation.

These results are from an online survey conducted January 10–11, 2019, among 400 U.S. travelers who are defined as residents that are 18 or older and intend to take at least one vacation during the next six months.