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Exploration and Domestic Travel Continue to Drive Tourism

young couple driving on highway next to a beach

In July, MMGY released research from its Portrait of American Travelers® study that revealed that shifts in intent to travel show more U.S. travelers are considering domestic vacations over international leisure trips. And according to a recent study conducted by Expedia Media Solutions, this trend appears to be taking shape.

This month, Expedia Media Solutions released its study on American Multi-Generational Travel Trends, which can be downloaded for free here. One of the key findings leading this study is that most travelers – across all generations – prefer to explore our vast country versus traveling beyond our borders.

And exploration is a key element. Expedia Media Solutions’ report does showcase some key differences among different generational breakouts – especially Generation Z, which many travel researchers have yet to understand. However, there are some elements of travel that transcend all U.S. consumers, and the desire for exploration in driving decisions for travel is at the top of the list.

Underpinning this research is the fact that domestic destinations and attractions have a key opportunity for incremental growth in the coming year by capitalizing on these trends, and international travel brands must be cognizant of these shifts and focus on tighter segmentation when attracting U.S. travelers. Research such as that provided by Expedia Media Solutions and MMGY can assist in defining who those travelers are and what motivates their decision-making.